Must-Have Accessories for Yamaha MT-07

The MT-07 has been the runaway market leader in the Hyper Naked class since its launch in 2014.

Hyper Naked bikes combine perfect weight-to-power ratio with torque-rich engines to provide a speedy and powerful riding experience unencumbered by a fairing.

What sets the Yamaha MT-07 apart is that it gets you the most bang for your buck. You get an easy-to-ride supersport bike with an agile chassis and a powerful engine, all in one affordable package.

The 2022 model will go from 0-60 mph in just 3.7 seconds, and it will hit a top speed of 133mph if you keep feeding the gears.

It's little wonder why the motorcycle is so popular with all kinds of riders. It's easy enough to master for a beginner rider while still packing impressive responsiveness and agility to be engaging enough for the most demanding experienced rider.

This popularity is also why you need to take motorcycle security very seriously. Highly regarded bikes are juicy targets for thieves, and the MT-07 is no exception. You need a motorcycle lock that will deter criminals from ridding away with your bike while you are out and about in the city.

We wrote this article to help you discover all the essential accessories you need to maintain and enjoy the motorcycle to the fullest, and also show why the EasyBlock wheel lock is the one essential anti-theft system your bike can’t do without. 

What Makes The Yamaha MT-07 Such A Great Bike?

Yamaha MT-07 in the street

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We can’t answer this question without first taking a look at the origin of naked motorcycles.

Naked motorcycles are bikes without fairings. In fully-faired bikes, they wrap around the frame of the motorcycle to reduce air drag and protect the rider from debris. 

The stripped-down feel of naked bikes is why they are also referred to as street fighter motorcycles. 

Making the bike lighter does come with its own advantages. Lighter bikes are easier to handle, which means turning becomes more effortless and you make stops with ease.  This is good for new riders.

The positioning of the handlebars and foot controls is also different in naked bikes. 

The layout fixes the rider in an upright position, an optimal ideal between the leaning back position on a typical cruiser and the leaning forward position on traditional sportbikes. This gives you the comfort of an everyday motorcycle and the thrill of a sports bike.

The Yamaha MT-07 offers a perfect balance of all these features.

Yamaha’s engineers worked hard to create an affordable bike that has an easy-going character and yet rockets away like a supersport. They achieved this by stripping the things that are not essential on the bike and leaving only the raw, fun components.

Its engine never feels lacking in any situation. It feels relaxed when you are cruising along at normal engine speed, and when you start to push it to its limits, the engine really feels more powerful than its 689cc twin-cylinder engine numbers would suggest.

Yamaha has continued to improve the bike since its first iteration and the 2022 model is the best one yet. We should also point out that we believe the 2017 model is also good enough for the crown.

The 2022 model checks all the boxes. Its £7,200 price tag has not gone up much from the £6899 of the 2021 model, even though the new bike gets an updated bodywork and improved performance.

The 15 Best Accessories for the MT-07

We believe the MT-07 is a perfectly competent machine for touring, adventure riding, and the regular daily commute.

We selected the range of accessories on our list with that in mind. You will find what is essential for your needs depending on how you plan to use your bike.

We also organised the list into categories to give structure to place related gear together. There are four categories:

  • Protective gear for the MT-07

  • Riding gear

  • Storage gear

  • Security gear 

Protective Gear

The first order of business after purchasing your bike is to get what you need to ensure the safety of your motorcycle.

The parts of your bike that are most vulnerable to impact are the engine, radiator, and exhaust. 

The protective gear you will buy will act as a kind of armour that receives the impact and protects the sensitive parts of your motorcycle from damage in the event of a fall or contact with debris.

You will need the following types of protective gear for your Yamaha MT-07:

Frame Sliders

Frame slider on Yamaha MT-07

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We recommend opting for frame sliders because heavy crash guards are not really suitable for a compact naked bike like the MT-07.

A frame slider protrudes out of the frame of your bike to absorb the slide impact in place of the expensive components of your bike during a crash. 

You should also know that frame sliders are designed to protect your bike on paved roads, they are not suitable for unpredictable, bumpy off-road terrain. Off-roaders are better off using a crash guard.

Radiator Guard

Radiator Guard on Yamaha MT-07

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Road debris can do serious damage to your radiator. In fact, the core of a radiator is so soft that even a powerful water hose can put holes in them. 

A radiator guard shields your bike from damage, while still allowing air to pass through. You should be able to get by without one if you only use your machine within the city, but don’t go off-roading without protection. 

Engine Case Cover

Engine case cover on Yamaha MT-07

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The impact of a fall from a collision or crash can easily damage the internal parts of your engine and cause oil to leak out. Even a minor crash can still lead to scrapped tanks and broken plastic.

The case cover will protect your bike’s underbody from impact and flying debris.

Wind Screen

Wind screen on Yamaha MT-07

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One of the things that make naked motorcycles such fun machines is that you can ride into the wind without a care in the world. However, if you spend lots of time on the freeway or you are riding in challenging weather, the absence of a windscreen can be a big problem.

Naked bike screens are designed to shield your chest from some of the windblast, so you can ride in comfort for long trips or during bad weather.

Now that you know what your bike needs, which brand should you buy?

Riding Gear

We always recommend wearing complete riding gear to give you the maximum level of protection.

The clothing is not just for your comfort, it protects you from weather conditions and drastically reduces the impact of a crash on your body. As for the helmet, it is required by law.

Here are the types of riding gear you need:


Helmet on Yamaha MT-07

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A helmet shields your face from the wind and protects your head from injury in the event of an accident.

Naked bikes don’t have the barrier protection provided by fairings, so you should go for a full-face helmet for the highest level of protection.

Riding Gloves

Riding gloves for Yamaha MT-07

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Your hands are very delicate, and they are usually the first parts of your body to touch the ground in an accident. You also can’t ride without them, so they must be protected. 

A good riding glove will cover your palms and fingers, and come with retention straps around the wrists to ensure the back of your hands are also covered. 

Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets for Yamaha MT-07

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It provides practical weather resistance and shields your organs and arms from impact. There are standard riding jackets and winter jackets, the one you opt for must be suitable for the conditions you will be riding in.

They can be made of textiles or leather. There are also airbag jackets that deploy on impact.

Motorcycle Trousers

Motorcycle trousers for Yamaha MT-07

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They play the same role as your jacket, except that they protect the lower half of your body. It's usually possible to connect your jacket with your trousers to ensure your lower back is not vulnerable in any way.

You can also get textile or leather trousers. Kevlar options are available as well.

Motorcycle Riding Boots

Motorcycle riding boots on Yamaha MT-07

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Boots protect your ankles, feet, and toes. Other than during accidents and crashes, they also protect your legs from fatigue and pain while you are riding.

A good boot is comfortable and comes up over your calves to ensure your legs are completely protected. 

Below are the best riding gear equipment you can get on the market:

Storage Gear

Whether you need to carry some groceries after a trip to the supermarket, or you are planning a multi-day trip, you are going to need a safe place to store your luggage. 

The key is to get the right storage gear for your needs. For example, a rucksack or tank bag is ideal for daily commutes, while panniers or a top box would be essential for a long adventurous trip.

We will cover the five popular types of storage gear below:

Phone Mount

Phone mount on Yamaha MT-07

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The advent of easy-to-use navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze has made getting from Point A to B easier than ever. If you will be using your phone to find your way to your destination, it must be placed in an optimal position for you to access your phone screen while still maintaining your focus on the road.

That's the job of a phone mount. It is usually attached to your handlebar, and the fact that most modern phones are water-resistant means it can still be used in wet weather.


Backpack on Yamaha MT-07

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Motorcycles don’t have any significant storage space, and a backpack offers the simplest way to carry your stuff with you.

You just need to strap it to your shoulders and it comes down with you when you get to your destination. The drawback is that it is not really practical to have a heavy rucksack strapped to your back for distance touring and traveling. 

Tank Bag

Tank bag on Yamaha MT-07

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Unlike your backpack, it is attached to your bike and you are not lugging it around on your back. 

It is most suitable as a storage unit when you need instant access to essentials like your phones, camera, documents, gloves, etc.

The one issue is that most tank bags are not waterproof, making them unsuitable for long trips in unpredictable weather.


Panniers on Yamaha MT-07

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Panniers are for the times you need additional storage for multiday trips. There are hard, soft, and medium soft panniers.

Hard panniers are aluminum boxes that come with the benefits of being waterproof, tough, and secure. However, they are too heavy for off-roading, and you could get hurt if the box falls on your leg during a crash.

Soft panniers are more suitable for off-road travel. The drawback is that they are made with textile materials which is much less secure.

Medium soft panniers are both rugged and lightweight. They offer the best of both worlds.

Top Box

Top box on Yamaha MT-07

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Just like panniers, it can hold lots of stuff, but it doesn’t add extra width that could affect the handling of your bike at high speeds or on twisty roads.

Top boxes are also as secure as hard panniers. Depending on how big your box is, you can carry lots of stuff with you stored in your top box. 

Here are the ones you should buy:

  • Ram Mounts Active: it works with phones of all sizes, and it is very easy to mount and detach.

  • Kreiga R30 Rucksack: you get 30 litres of space in the main compartment, and it is equipped with a detachable waterproof liner.

  • Givi Xstream Expandable Tank Bag: a very secure storage unit that comes with Givi’s proprietary Tanklock systems. It is also equipped with a removable tablet holder and a charging port.

  • Lone Rider Semi-rigid Moto Bags: these medium-soft pannier bags are packed with features like a quick-release system and heavy-duty handles. They are designed to work with most tubular-shaped racks on the market.

  • SW Motech Trax Top Box: an aluminum box with power coating to deter oxidation and abrasion. It fits well with most of the racks on the market.

Security Gear

Motorcycle security systems come in different shapes and sizes. Some are “portable” systems that you can set up to protect your bike from thieves during quick stops, while others are heavier locks that are meant to protect your bike overnight and during long stops. 

While heavier security systems tend to perform their role admirably, many so-called portable security systems are too heavy for on-the-go security. They also take too much time to set up.

Imagine having to lunge a 5kg security chain as well as a disc lock around on your lightweight MT-07. That besides the fact that you have to search for an immovable object like a lamp post or railing onto which your will chain your bike every single time you make a short stop. 

We know it is impractical, so we came up with the EasyBlock wheel lock. 

The wheel lock is to be pre-installed on your motorcycle, eliminating the need to set it up every time you make a stop.

Once installed, you can activate it by simply pushing the knob with your feet. Unlocking it requires a simple key turn. The whole process takes less than two seconds.

Now, you know protecting your bike won’t be a hassle anytime you make a quick stop to grab a coffee, pop into a shop, or make a delivery.

As an Italian company, and to us, the quality and reliability of our craft is everything. That’s why we don’t believe in universal security fixes. Each wheel lock is unique to a motorcycle or scooter model.

We test each lock extensively on the relevant bike before we make it available to customers, and we constantly release new versions anytime there is a major modification to the host model.

You can place an order for your model’s wheel lock on our website or get it from any of our dealers in London. Installation is simple and there are instructional videos for each model on our YouTube channel. 

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Wrapping Up

The MT-07 lets you ride in comfort and style without having to break the bank. Yet, other accessories are needed to ensure your time with your bike will be truly enjoyable and safe.

Your riding, protective, and storage equipment help you maximise the bike’s potential. However, it's the EasyBlock wheel lock that will ensure you won’t have to go through the experience of losing your motorcycle when you need it the most. 

Also, if you were wondering, the MT moniker stands for “Master of Torque.”

Find out more about how EasyBlock works for your motorcycle: 

Protect Your MT-07 with EasyBlock