Best Motorcycle Gear for Beginners (UK)

You have just gotten a new motorcycle and taken the plunge to become a biker.

Your new motorcycle may be your dream bike and your pride and joy, or a perfect scooter for your job or daily commute.

Whatever motivated you to become a biker, you have just entered a world of freedom and excitement that comes with riding a motorcycle.

That experience requires a lot of gear to keep you safe on the road from hazards, weather elements, accidents, and motorcycle theft.

We wrote this article to show you how to select the motorcycle gear you need, and who to buy them from.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Motorcycle Gear

The answers to the questions below will help you determine which motorcycle gear is right for you.

Which Are the Essential Motorcycle Gear You Can’t Do Without?

There are lots of motorcycle gear and gizmos out there, but the only legally required motorcycle gear in the UK is your helmet. The fact that you care for your personal safety means you will also want to get other equipment to protect the upper and lower parts of your body, as well as your feet.

Protection from motorcycle theft is another essential factor you must consider. There is no point in spending days and weeks picking out your dream bike, only to lose it to criminal elements within a few days.

We will cover more on all the essential gear you need later in the article.

A motorcycle rider wearing a grey helmet


What Specific Gear Will You Need for Your Unique Style?

The equipment you purchase must align with the way you plan on using your motorcycle or scooter, and your lifestyle.

For example, the gear a delivery rider will need for daily commutes within the city will be different from what is needed by a touring rider planning a cold-weather tour.

Only you know how you plan to use your motorcycle, and you must use the information you will get from this article to select the right gear. 

Where Should You Get Your Gear?

We don’t think it’s appropriate for us to recommend any motorcycle gear websites or dealers, but we will like to point out the key qualities of a reputable online motorcycle store.

You should only buy from websites that have:

  • A huge selection of motorcycle gear brands 
  • Detailed descriptions for each listed product
  • Lots of customer reviews for each listed product
  • A return policy that lets you exchange the purchased item or get a refund

The 9 Best Motorcycle Gear Brands for Beginners

We wanted to make it easy for you to find what you need, and still give you the option of comparing products between brands.

So, we divided our list into three categories and added two major brands that sell best-in-class products under each group.

Here are the categories:

  • Motorcycle protective gear
  • Winter motorcycle gear
  • Motorcycle anti-theft gear

Motorcycle Protective Gear

Protective motorcycle gear shields you from weather conditions and the risk of fatal injury if you are in an accident.

We recommend getting the complete riding gear, including your helmet, gloves, jacket, trousers, and boots.


A single black colored motorcycle helemt


Your helmet protects you from injuries to your head and face. It also protects your eyes from the wind and keeps insects away from your mouth.

There are different types of motorcycle helmets, but only full-face helmets offer optimum protection and comfort. 

You should look for a full-face helmet that has a reinforced shell, a quick-release chinstrap and visor system, and removable interior lining.

Riding Gloves

A pair of black colored riding gloves


Gloves make it easier for you to operate your bike controls and also protect your hand from injury when it touches down in a crash.

Good gloves should cover your whole hand and overlap with your jacket. The design should also include palm padding, gauntlet-style wrist protection, and knuckle protectors. 

Motorcycle Jacket

Black & red colored Motorcycle Jacket


Your motorcycle jacket protects your chest, arms, and back. It also provides weather resistance when you are on the road.

There are different types of motorcycle jackets, and the right jacket for you depends on the conditions in which you will be riding.

Go for a waterproof and breathable jacket that is designed with CE standard armour or kevlar.

Motorcycle Trousers

Black colored Motorcycle Trousers


Motorcycle jeans will ensure your lower body is covered, and work with your jacket to protect you from wind and rain.

Good motorcycle trousers should have armour protection in essential areas like your knees, shins, and hips.

Motorcycle Riding Boots

Black & white colored Motorcycle Riding Boots


Your boots protect your ankles and feet when you are using your body to support your bike’s weight. They also protect your legs in the event of a motorcycle accident, or if you mistakenly drop your bike on your foot.

Go for boots that have padding or armour in the area of your ankles, toes, and heels. You also want to try on your boots before making the purchase to be sure they fit properly and are comfortable to wear.

Below are the two major brands in the motorcycle protective gear category:

Richa (Best Option) 

This Belgium-based company has been producing quality textile and leather motorcycle clothing for more than a decade. The brand stands out because of its focus on delivering stylish, top-quality motorcycle gear for customers at every budget tier. 

The list below highlights the highest-rated protective motorcycle gear from Richa:

Oxford Motorcycle Gear

Based out of Oxfordshire, here in the UK, Oxford Products Ltd manufactures a wide range of motorcycle accessories, from clothing to anti-theft systems, bags, and more. The company focuses on creating highly innovative and dynamic motorcycle gear.

Its top-rated protective gear products are:

  • Oxford Calgary 1.0 Waterproof Glove — designed with a full leather outer shell, it comes with hard armour protection for your knuckles. Its sleek and simple design will carry great appeal with minimalists.
  • Oxford Mondial Advanced Textile Jacket — a waterproof and breathable nylon jacket, with YKK zips and a detachable thermal liner. Its CE-certified armour protects your shoulder and elbow.
  • Oxford Advanced Textile Trousers — a quality entry-level all-weather motorcycle nylon jeans offering from Oxford. It has ventilation panels with mesh lining for better airflow, and is equipped with knee armour.

Oxford Merton Boots — built with durable waterproof leather, it offers armoured protection for your sole, toe, and heel.


  • Shark S900 Dual Special Edition Helmet — an affordable top-quality helmet with features that are only seen in expensive offerings. Its shell is made from thermoplastic resin, and it comes with an anti-fog visor, pin-lock visor insert, removable interior lining, and a quick-release chinstrap and visor system.
  • Helite Touring Air Inflatable Jacket — built with airbag features that trigger inflation in the event of an accident, and armoured protection for your elbows and shoulders. It’s an option you should consider if you plan to race your bike or ply twisty roads regularly. 

Motorcycle Winter Weather Gear

Even harsh UK winters can’t keep bikers from taking to the road for adventure riding or their day-to-day commute. 

Fortunately, winter motorcycle gear exists to keep you warm and protected as you ride out during cold weather.

Essential winter gear includes the following:

Heated Gloves

Black colored Heated Gloves


They protect your hands from impact and heat your palms to keep them warm while you ride. Your pair of heated gloves may use pre-charged batteries, or may connect with your motorcycle battery via extension cables routed through your jacket. 

Heated Vests

Black colored Heated Vest


Your vest will provide extra warmth during cold or wet weather. Heated body warmers have their wiring insulated with a waterproof membrane to ensure your safety. Quality options are also low-voltage and draw barely noticeable power from your bike.

Heated Jackets

Black colored Heated Jacket


You get all the standard protection that comes with a reinforced motorcycle jacket, and an in-built heated liner that keeps you warm and focused in cold weather. Your jacket will come with the cables you need to connect it to your motorcycle or scooter.

Heated Grips

Black colored Heated Grips on the table


Your heated grip can be a lifesaver when the temperature drops and the chill starts to numb your fingers — even through your heated glove. They aren’t cheap, but they are exactly what you need when the weather starts to remind you of how fragile humans truly are. 

Below are the brands that should be first on your list when researching winter gear:

Gerbing Heated Clothing (Best Option)

This Dutch company has for decades set the global standard in heated motorcycle gear. The brand sets itself apart with an approach that seeks to ensure every product offers the utmost level of comfort and safety. There is also a lifetime warranty on the company’s core microwave heating technology.

Its top-rated products in the UK are:

  • Gerbing MicroWirePro XRL Heated Glove  — a leather glove equipped with a waterproof and windproof Hipora liner. It comes with armoured protection for your knuckles and an in-built push-button control for managing its three heat settings.
  • Gerbing 12V Heated Vest  — a reasonably priced vest that is perfect for days when the weather is a little unpredictable. It is comfortable in every kind of weather and you can easily plug it in to activate its heating pads when the situation calls for it.
  • Gerbing MicroWire Pro Heated Jacket — another reasonably priced option with a form-fitting design. It's designed to make it possible for you to control other wearable Gerbing gear on your body from the pocket of your jacket. It's also highly compressible for easy storage.

Keis Heated Apparel

This Hampshire-based company has grown organically to become the top heated motorcycle gear brand in the UK. The company focuses on ease of use, and its products deliver winter warmth at the touch of a button.

Its top-rated gear are:

  • Keis G601 Premium Heated Gloves — its Hipora liner provides protection from water and wind, and there is armoured palm and knuckle protection. There is a heat controlled attached to the back of your writs for easy operation of the heat settings.
  • Keis V106 Comfort Heated Vest — built with purpose-designed zip pockets for easy management of your controller, it can be plugged into your bike or connected with a dedicated battery pack. 
  • Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket — built with lightweight softshell fabric that makes it possible for you to wear it as a heated inside layer in winter conditions or as an outer jacket in dry weather. It also comes with dedicated pockets for your heat controls. 


  • Oxford Heated Hot Grips — a product that has garnered lots of plaudits with courier riders in London, it is ideal for short trips in predictable cold weather. It comes with a waterproof controller that has two heat settings.

Motorcycle Security Gear

Motorcycle theft is unfortunately a regular occurrence in the UK, and the vast majority of stolen bikes are never recovered. 

The anti-theft systems that exist are for the most part divided into two categories. There are portable systems that you use to secure your bike during quick stops, and heavy locks that are used for long stops and overnight protection.

This is why anti-theft systems come in different shapes and with varying abilities to meet the multiple security needs of motorcycle owners.

The top anti-theft systems are:

Portable Wheel Locks or Chains

Portable Wheel Locks or Chains - EasyBlock

You use them when you need an anti-theft system you can set up and activate pretty quickly when making quick stops to grab a coffee, pop into a shop, or make a parcel delivery.  

Disc Locks

Black colored disc lock white background


This type of motorcycle lock bolts your disc brake to make it nearly impossible for any thief to move your motorcycle. The locks are ideal for extended parking lot stops when you are out in the city for work or an engagement. 

Heavy-duty Motorcycle Chains

Black colored Heavy-duty Motorcycle Chains


Disc locks provide good security, but they can still be defeated by determined bike thieves. Combining your disk lock with a heavy-duty chain that is lopped around a fixed object like a lampost will offer solid protection from most thieves. 

Motorcycle Cover

Black colored Motorcycle Cover


It will help hide your bike from the greedy eyes of motorcycle thieves if you don't have a garage to lock your bike into at night. Nonetheless, a motorcycle cover is not an excuse to avoid using other anti-theft systems to provide layered security.

Ground Anchor

Orange colored Ground Anchor


Hardcore thieves can still break into your garage to steal your motorcycle. A ground anchor helps you chain your bike to the floor to make it impossible for anyone to lift it without cutting the chains, and attracting attention.

Garage Door Defender

Red colored Garage Door Defender


A door defender adds another layer of protection and makes it difficult for the thief to even get into your garage in the first place. Once activated, bolts from the lock will spring into place to make it harder for anyone to force your garage door open.

Here are the top motorcycle security brands.

EasyBlock (Best Option)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a small family-run business in Naples, Italy would develop a revolutionary wheel-locking motorcycle and scooter security device. Their home city is after all the scooter capital of Italy.

The EasyBlock wheel is designed to be used for bike security by commuters on the go, and delivery riders that make multiple shorts to deliver parcels every day. 

Speed and ease of activation are crucial when acting under severe time constraints, and the EasyBlock wheel lock is designed to take just two seconds to activate it when you stop and two seconds to unlock it when you are ready to move.

This unmatched speed is possible because the wheel lock is pre-installed on your bike, and you just need to push in the knob with your foot to activate it during quick stops. A simple key turn will unlock the device and you can be on your way.

The rod that fixes the swingarm of your rear wheel in place when it's activated to prevent anyone from rotating the wheel is strong enough to withstand most brute-force attacks.

No two locks are the same, and there is a unique lock for each motorcycle or scooter model supported by EasyBlock. 

Each lock is hand forged to ensure it meets exacting quality standards and is tested thoroughly on its host motorcycle model.

You can get the right wheellock for your motorcycle model from any of our dealers in London or by placing an order on the EasyBlock website.

We build locks for the following motorcycle brands:
  • Yamaha
  • Honda
  • Piaggio
  • Kymco
  • Peugeot
  • Sym
  • Wottan
  • Benelli
  • Fantic
  • Aprilia
  • Voge

Oxford Security Systems

Oxford Products Ltd also offers best-in-class motorcycle security systems that you can use to protect your motorcycle overnight.

Its top-rated offerings are:


  • Bulldog GD20 Garage Door Defender — designed to be a highly visual security deterrent that will make any criminal reconsider a planned theft. The lock is simple to fit and you won’t need to drill any holes in your garage door.


This article has shown you all the essential motorcycle gear you will need as a beginner. 

To get started, you can check out each branded item listed within the article and make a list of all the gear you need for your own specific needs.

Then, get your helmet, portable EasyBlock wheel lock, locks for overnight security, and essential riding gear for physical protection.