The Best Motorcycle Security Chains (UK)

The Best Motorcycle Chains 2023

Neglect the security of your motorcycle at your own peril.

On average, 100 motorcycles and scooters are stolen in the UK every day, and less than 14% of them are ever recovered by the police.

This makes motorcycle theft a danger every bike rider can’t afford to ignore. 

That doesn’t mean you should panic. 

Anti-theft systems like motorcycle security chains can help protect your bike. They offer significant protection from common bike stealing methods, including hotwiring and brute force applications.

There are lots of motorcycle chain locks on the market, and it can be difficult for a beginner to identify the more reputable brands on the market.

We have compiled a list of the best brands and their top-rated chain locks below. The list is not exhaustive, but we tried to include all the well-regarded motorcycle gear brands.

1. Oxford Nemesis Chain and Padlock

Oxford Products Ltd. has grown over the past decades to become a British success story. Years of constant improvement by their team based out of Oxfordshire has made them the UK’s largest supplier of motorcycle riding gear, helmets, and anti-theft systems. 

The company’s top-rated security chain is the Oxford Nemesis Chain.  It is a solid-looking and heavy chain that is built to withstand drills, bolt cutters, saws, and sledgehammers. Angle grinders will still get through, but cutting through it will create enough noise to attract passersby.

Oxford Nemesis Chain and Padlock


The chain is designed to be used to protect your bike during prolonged stops. Its 16mm round links are made of hardened steel, and it comes with a chunky padlock that is just as resistant to brute force. The chain is available in three lengths (1.2m, 1.5m, and 2m).


  • Sold Secure accreditation
  • Cloth sleeve to protect your bike’s painting and chrome from damage
  • Three padlock keys and Oxford’s key replacement service


  • Too heavy to be practical for users that make frequent short stops

2. Abus GRANIT Extreme Plus 59

Abus offers clever security solutions for riders of motorcycles, scooters, and sports bikes. The German manufacturer prides itself as a specialist in locks.  They offer high-quality chain locks, U-locks, and alarms.

The GRANIT Extreme Plus 59 is the brand’s highest-rated security chain. It’s not something you buy if you care about aesthetics, but few options provide as powerful a deterrent to bike thieves. It is resistant to lock tampering and bolt cropper attacks, and you can use it to secure your bike when it's parked in a well-trafficked location.

Abus GRANIT Extreme Plus 59


The chain’s 12mm links are made of hardened steel and equipped with ABUS’ patented Powerlink technology that makes it extraordinarily difficult for thieves to break the chain from its padlock. It's available in lengths of 0.85, 1.1, 1.4, and 1.7 meters.


  • Sold Secure Gold accredited and Thatcham Category 3 approved
  • Keyhole cover to offer protection from dirt and corrosion
  • Two keys, including one with a LED torch


  • Relatively expensive compared to similarly equipped alternatives
  • Average protection from sledgehammer attacks

3. Mammoth 12mm Hexagon Chain and Lock

The Mammoth brand is owned by J&S Accessories, a major distributor of motorcycle gear in the UK. Its range of motorcycle security products sold under the Mammoth brand, includes padlocks, disc locks, ground anchors, and chain locks.

The company’s top-rated chain lock is its 12mm hexagon chain. The use of hex links as opposed to square links is because they are believed to be more resistant to bolt croppers. The chain is a no-nonsense security solution for bikers that need hardened chains portable enough to be carried under your scooter seat or in your chain lock bag.

Mammoth 12mm Hexagon Chain and Lock


The hexagonal 12mm links are made from hardened Cr-Mo steel, and its hardened padlock is equipped with a double-bearing locking mechanism. The chain comes in two lengths, 1.0m and 1.8m.


  • Sold Secure and Thatcham approved
  • Hexagonal chain
  • Protective outer sleeve 
  • Two keys 


  • Weak protection from angle grinders 
  • Stronger options exist in the same price bracket

4. Pragmasis 13mm Chain

Pragmasis Ltd. prioritises producing security systems that are accredited as Secured By Design (SBD). This includes the company’s ground anchors, padlocks, and “Protector” range of security chains.

The company’s 13mm Pragmasis Protector chain is designed to be thick enough to withstand most opportunistic attacks, and reasonably light enough to be carried on your motorcycle. 

Pragmasis 13mm Chain


The 13mm links are made from high-grade alloy steel and wrapped in a fabric sleeve that is zip-tied at both ends. You can use it with the Pragmasis RoundLock or any other Pragmasis padlock. The chain is available in varying lengths, from 0.8m to 6.0m.


  • Sold Secure and SBD accredited
  • Sufficiently lightweight enough to be carried when on the move
  • Protective fabric cover


  • Unsuitable for home protection
  • Chain and padlock weighs 6.03kg placing it at the limits of portability 

5. BikeTrac Grab Bag and Chain

BikeTrac are better known for their more discrete motorcycle trackers. The company only recently started offering visible security solutions in the form of its ground anchor and portable chain.

The company’s Grab Bag and chain is a sleek and simple motorcycle security solution for bikers while on the move. The package includes a 10mm chain, an Abus disc lock, a disc lock reminder tag, a fastening strap, gloves, and keys.

BikeTrac Grab Bag and Chain


The 10mm chain is built to be bolt cutter resistant, and when combined with other items in the bag weighs roughly 3.5kg. This makes the package portable enough to be strapped under your pillion seat. The available chain lengths are 1.2m and 1.4m.


  • Thatcham Category 3 approved
  • Portable enough to be a practical security chain for when you are on the move
  • Two keys (one is equipped with an LED illumination)


  • Average protection from sledgehammers
  • Not suitable for home security 

6. Squire Massiv Security Chain

As a British manufacturer producing security gear for motorcycles and scooters since 1930, Squire has a high-quality solution for you, whether at home or on the road. The company’s product range includes padlocks, brake disc locks, ground anchors, garage door protectors, and chains.

Squire’s top-rated offering is its Massiv security chain. The 14mm chain is solid, but the real star is the SS50CS close shackle padlock. The chain will prevent bolt cropper attacks, while the padlock goes further with its impressive shackle resistance to sledgehammer and angle grinder attacks.

Squire Massiv Security Chain


Together, the chain and the padlock weigh roughly 5kg, making it a viable carry-on security chain. Also, unlike other “portable” chains, it can be used for home security.


  • Sold Secure accreditation
  • Suitable for home and on-the-go security 
  • Protective fabric cover 
  • Two keys 


  • Chain links offer average protection from sledgehammer attacks

7. Kryptonite New York “Fahgettaboudit” Chain

The Allegion-owned Kryptonite brand fronts a range of bicycle and motorcycle security gear. And yes, the brand name is from Superman’s kryptonite, the substance that serves as the bane of the fictitious superhero.

The Fahgeettaboutdit chain is just as strong as it is intimidating. 14mm chain links combined with a rugged padlock equipped with 15mm steel shackles make it a maximum security deterrent to thieves.

Kryptonite New York “Fahgettaboudit” Chain


The hardened six-sided chain links are made with manganese steel and the padlock has a double deadbolt locking mechanism. When combined, they both weigh roughly 7kg, making it more suitable as a home security chain. 


  • Sold Secure accredited and Thatcham Category 3 approved
  • Suitable for home security 
  • Protective fabric cover
  • Three keys


  • Too cumbersome for on-the-go usage
  • Mistakes when handling the hefty chain can dent your bike

8. Almax Immobiliser Series V Chain

The brand name, Almax, comes from the names of the company’s founders — Alex and Maxine Simpson. It is a family-run business that manufactures some of the toughest British motorcycle security locks on the market.

The company’s top-rated 22mm Immobiliser Series V chain is hefty enough to put the fear of God in any aspiring thief. At that size, the chain is too heavy to be a carry-on solution, it's meant for securing your bike to the ground anchor in your garage.

Almax Immobiliser Series V Chain


The chain links are made from hardened steel, and the attached Squire SS80CS XLN Stronghold padlock is built with a 16mm shackle. No thief will get past this chain lock with a bolt cropper or hacksaw. Even a determined miscreant with an angle grinder or sledgehammer will need several nervous minutes to get through the links. 


  • Market-leading resistance to brute force attacks
  • High-end padlock 
  • Protective fabric cover 
  • Suitable for home security 


  • Too heavy and cumbersome to be a portable security solution

How Effective Are Motorcycle Chain Locks?

An anti-theft security solution is only effective if you can carry it with you and use it.

All of the security chains listed above can provide an effective deterrent to thieves, but using them can also be a nightmare for you.

There was a time when 12mm chains would offer adequate protection from most cutters, but the introduction of angle grinders nullified that. Even 16mm chains only offer limited protection from them. That’s why we now have 22mm chains like the Almax Series V EXTREME.

How Effective Are Motorcycle Chain Locks? - a box filled with different kind of motorcycle locks, from chain to disc locks


You can see the issue here. 16mm chains are often barely portable enough to be carried on your motorcycle for use away from home while hauling 22mm chains about as you move from point A to point B is impractical.

A workable approach will be to use heavy-duty chains to secure your bike to your ground anchor for overnight security and portable chains for on-the-go security.

However, while heavy-duty chains will do their home security job just fine, the so-called portable security chains are not usually lightweight at all. The chain needs to be thick enough to offer adequate protection from opportunistic attacks, and the thicker it gets, the heavier it becomes. 

Nobody wants to lose the motorcycle they rely on for their daily commute or livelihood (delivery riders), but setting up a 5kg+ chain every single time you make a stop to grab a coffee or make a parcel delivery is not feasible. 

For bikers that need to make frequent stops each day, a security chain is not an effective solution. You need an anti-theft system you can set up and unlock in seconds. 

The EasyBlock Wheel Lock Is the Perfect Solution

This is the safe and convenient portable anti-theft solution you have been looking for.

The EasyBlock wheel lock is pre-installed on your bike, so you don’t have to carry it around. And the bolt that fixes your rear wheel in place to prevent movement is 25mm thick, making it resistant to practically any feasible brute-force attack.

If ease of use and impact resistance are taken care of, what about speed? The wheel lock excels in this aspect too. Installed on the rear of the motorbike, it takes only two seconds to activate the lock and the same two seconds to unlock it with a simple turn of the key.

EasyBlock is an Italian Made product - no cheap Chinese stuff - and it's easy to see why it's already hugely popular with delivery riders in London. They make frequent stops each day, and an anti-theft system that can be activated and deactivated in just two seconds is the perfect solution for their needs.

Another quality that sets the EasyBlock wheel lock apart is that there is a custom wheel lock for every motorcycle or scooter model. We support over 60 models from nine different manufacturers. 

You can order the right lock for your bike on our website or visit any of our dealers in London. Integrating the lock with your bike takes only a few minutes, and we have detailed Youtube videos on the installation process for each motorcycle model we support. 

The Bottom Line

We believe you should have a top-quality anti-theft system to meet your varying security needs. 

The EasyBlock wheel lock protects your bike during stops, a chain and disk lock combination for protection during prolonged stops, and a heavy-duty chain plus ground anchor to secure your bike overnight. 

With such a multi-layer approach, you can rest easy knowing your motorcycle is safe anytime you are away from it.