Locking up your motorcycle doesn’t have to be a headache. There’s a better way.

Introducing EasyBlock

lock and unlock your motorcycle in a second. Prevent theft. Feel confident & safe parking your motorcycle.

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According to Bennetts Insurance, as many as 43% of motorcycle owners do nothing to protect their bikes from theft.

Whatever a chain or disc lock. A security system is only good if it's used!

You may forget your chain locks at home. It may be too heavy to carry. You many not have space to put it under the seat. So what would you do?

Leaving your bike unprotected? No. You use EasyBlock. A lock that is always with you and installed on the motorcycle and only takes a few moment to lock and unlock. 

30 Day Money-Back Guar­an­tee

Not sure EasyBlock is the right lock for you. We offer 30-day money-back guar­an­tee on all order, so you can shop EasyBlock worry-free. 


Finest material. Solid structure. And a unique design. EasyBlock is everything that represent Italian craftsmanship. 

Free & Fast Worldwide Shipping

Get an EasyBlock for your motorcycle without thinking about the shipping fee. We take care of it.

Thick Stainless Steel

Tough to cut. We only use the highest quality materials

Not only is the lock tough to cut, but the way we design our locks to attach to your motorcycles makes the angle of attach difficult

Security Bolts

Once tightened to the required strength the top snaps off.

This makes the lock nearly impossible for opportunistic thieves to remove as there is no attachment point for a tool.

Kick To Lock

Spring Activated Design.

Allowing you to lock and unlock your motorcycle in a second.

When security and convenience are a top priority, EasyBlock is the one for you.

No Shortcuts

High Security Keys

When making a high security product, we believe that you can only use the best components, so unlike most like brands, we don't buy our's in bulk from overseas...

We handmade all of our keys and locks in our factory in Italy.

Our locks and keys are high-quality and provide a high level of security by using anti-pick technology. 


Integrated Lubrication Nipple

Allowing you to use a grease gun to easily maintain your lock at home or at your next service.

The bolt can quickly be removed providing you have the key and the right tools, to allow for a more thorough clean when things get extra dirty.

Push to lock

Simply locks with a push or a kick unlocking with a twist.

Wheel Lock

Locks the rear wheel of the scooter with a steel bolt, making it unable to move.

Minimal Design

Designed and manufactured to perfectly integrate with the design of the motorcycle.


It only takes a few seconds to lock your motorcycle with an EasyBlock lock.


No need to carry around a heavy chain and padlock. Our locks are fitted directly to your motorcycle


Designed to combat the toughest of attacks, our locks have already protected countless Scooters.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Even if you remove all of the external nuts, Once the lock is activated, removing the pin is impossible without using the key.

The external bolts are only used for alignment and for the grease nipple.

No. EasyBlock locks are designed to be easy to install, but tough to remove on the road. Each lock features different security features to prevent the the removal of the lock.

For models that are more accessible to tools, we use security bolts, where the top of the bolt comes off after tightening, meaning the bolt cannot be removed.

For others models there are additional hidden security hex bolts that prevent the lock from being removed even if the bolts are.

No. EasyBlock is designed to provide the highest level of safety and security for riders.

The kick-activated EasyBlock features a loaded security spring that constantly pushes the lock outwards. You must apply strong pressure at the right angle with your foot to activate your EasyBlock.

The EasyBlock is designed to be compact and fits within the scooter's body, which means the EasyBlock won't touch the ground even if the bike is involved in a road accident.

Depending on the weather conditions and how many miles you ride per year, we recommend lubricating and/or cleaning your lock every 1-3 Months. (Probably as often as your motorcycle needs cleaning or your chain lubricated)

Every EasyBlock features a grease nipple that allows easy maintenance, but when the lock is especially dirty, we recommend removing the bolt and giving it a proper clean.

The video installation for each model can be found in the "Fitting Video" tab at the top of the page, the video hero at the bottom of this page or you can visit our Installation page to see the full list of installation videos by model and brand.

If you're looking for an official dealer to fit you're EasyBlock, you can visit our Dealer Locator page to find your closest one. Alternatively, any motorcycle garage or dealer should be able to carry out the installation for you if none are close by.

Yes, if you have the experience and tools required, you can install the lock yourself, but we strongly recommend getting your EasyBlock fitted by a qualified technician to guarantee the correct fitment. (This can be your local garage or an Authorised EasyBlock Dealer)

You can view our full range of installation videos for each model here, or you can scroll to the bottom of this page to find the installation video for this model.


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