2023 Vespa GTS 300 Buyer's Guide: Specs, Photos, Price

2023 Vespa GTS 300

(image source: press.piaggiogroup.com)

Many Maxi scooters with good acceleration, crisp handling, and eye-catching design are on the market.
Yet, the Vespa GTS 300 matches all that and surpasses them with one unassailable advantage: being a Vespa.

But you know all that already. You are here to learn more about the design updates and technological features added to the latest GTS 300.

Read on to find out.

A Brief History of the Vespa GTS 300

1946: The Birth of the Original Vespa

The Vespa was conceived shortly after World War II as the best product to help Piaggio return to mass manufacturing.

The war destroyed the companyÔÇÖs facilities, and Enrico Piaggio decided to pivot from the aerospace industry (their original business) into a means of transportation that would meet the needs of everyday Italians recovering from the scars of war.

He enlisted the help of Corradino DÔÇÖAscanio, an aeronautical engineer, to help design his machine.

When the designer presented the unique design to him, he was stunned and cried out, ÔÇťSembra una vespa!ÔÇŁ which translates to ÔÇťIt looks like a wasp.ÔÇŁ That was the birth of the ÔÇťVespa,ÔÇŁ a scooter that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

1955: The First Vespa With Sports Credentials

A few notable Vespas were introduced after the original model, especially the Vespa 125, but the Vespa GS 150 became a global cultural symbol.

It was during the era when the Mods or Modernist movement was grabbing the imagination of everyone, and the Vespa GS was by far the most beautiful scooter of its time. 

Young people could be seen everywhere riding it in groups. A 4-speed gearbox was available for the first time, it had enlarged wheels, and the engine could generate eight horsepower.

2023 Vespa GTS 300

(image source: press.piaggiogroup.com)

2005: The Debut of the First GTS Model

Half a century after the first Vespa sports model was introduced, Piaggio launched the GTS 250, the most powerful and technologically advanced Vespa ever made.

As is evident from its name, its fuel-injected 4-stroke engine had a 250cc displacement, generating 21 horsepower with a top speed above 72 mph. 

The manufacturer equipped the scooter with an electronic instrument cluster, fuel gauge, digital tachometer, and many other features.

2023: The Latest Evolution of the 300cc HPE Engine

The new version is the best-performing Vespa GTS 300 engine ever, and its power plant has enough range for a top speed of 78 mph. 

Let's dive into an in-depth review of all the new changes introduced in the 2023 Vespa GTS 300.

Handling and Comfort

2023 Vespa GTS 300

(image source: press.piaggiogroup.com)

The most significant changes for the 2023 model are the new suspensions and dual disc brakes. The front and rear suspensions were redesigned to improve ride quality and stability.

New Bembo brakes guarantee more precise, efficient braking. Also, a new seat and a redesigned frame have improved the scooterÔÇÖs ergonomics in response to customer feedback.┬á

Front and Rear Suspension

The company retained the classic Vespa single swing arm fork, but the design has been updated to provide greater stability at high speeds.

Now, the front suspension feels more comfortable over portholes or bumps and is not as rigid as the old setup. 

The dual hydraulic shock absorbers of the rear suspension have been resolved, and you will feel more comfort and plushness when handling bumps.

There are now four preload adjustment options that you can set under the seat to match your weight.


Piaggio turned to BremboÔÇÖs acclaimed disc brake technology for the Vespa GTS. There are 220mm discs in the front and rear.

The brake master cylinder in front uses two pistons to squeeze a 220mm disc, while the rear master cylinder squeezes the other 220mm disc with its sole piston ByBre calliper.

The new brakes have plenty of bites, and VespaÔÇÖs braking distance has been significantly reduced. The back brake is all you need at slow speeds.

2023 Vespa GTS 300

(image source: press.piaggiogroup.com)

New Seat Design

The 2023 model has a larger, roomier seat, and there is now enough space for riders of all heights to place their knees without any discomfort.

The centre of gravity of the scooter is still low, but tall people now have a little more space to bend their knees.

The redesign hasnÔÇÖt affected its balance. The Vespa GTS 300 weighs 348 pounds, enough mass to ensure the scooter doesnÔÇÖt sway even if a bigger vehicle zips past you at top speed.

It has several windshield options and other accessories you can buy to protect yourself better.

Wider Handlebar

Piaggio increased the handlebar's width to give the rider more leverage when steering the bike at speed. The new handlebar design places the rider in a more comfortable position, and the scooter is now a lot easier to control.

Changes have also been made to the position of the front and rear levers. They are now flatter and closer to the bars, which resolves some customers' complaints with smaller hands.

Style and Functionality: Design and Features

2023 Vespa GTS 300

(image source: press.piaggiogroup.com)

The new design has given us a more elegant bike that retains the scooterÔÇÖs timeless Vespa charm. The company didnÔÇÖt neglect the functional aspect; you now have more storage options for all your gear.

All New Bodywork

The brief for PiaggioÔÇÖs designers was to modernise the Vespa within the confines of its classic stylingÔÇôthey passed with flying colours. Meticulous attention was given to every aspect of VespaÔÇÖs design; even the lighting is now all LED.

The necktie between the turn signals running down the bike's front has been given a sleeker look, and the turn signals are now placed inside the leg cowling.

The new frame is still pressed-sheet steel, which is 100% recyclable. Plastic is used for some parts of the bike, like the front fender and handlebar panels.

Varied Colour Options

Piaggio offers four nearly identical versions of the Vespa GTSÔÇôClassic, Super 300 Sport, SuperSport, and Supertech. Their only significant differences are their colour schemes and unique tech features.

The Vespa GTS Classic has lots of chrome detailing, and its colour range includes Green Relax, Beige Sabbia, and Black Vulcano.

2023 Vespa GTS 300

(image source: press.piaggiogroup.com)

Bigger Underseat Storage

There is enough room under the seat to store gear, and you can keep your groceries there.

The plastic bucket in the compartment can be removed and cleaned if necessary. A glove box also stores the new wireless fob and charges your phone.

The Vespa GTS can be used for long-distance rides. You can add extra load capacity by getting the 36-litre top box offered by Piaggio.

Front and rear luggage racks and a rear leather bag are also available on the manufacturerÔÇÖs website.

Technology and Connectivity

2023 Vespa GTS 300

(image source: press.piaggiogroup.com)

The 2023 Vespa GTS is up-to-date regarding modern tech features. The display has been updated, and all the GTS models now use wireless fobs.

Display Options

There are two different dash options: an analogue/digital design and a complete TFT dash.

The analogue dash looks familiar, but there are new features, including a small LCD that adds functions for monitoring your fuel level, average speed, and range and connecting the Vespa MIA system.

While the Classic, Sport, and Supersport versions get the┬áanalogue dash, the Supertech gets the TFT dash. It doesnÔÇÖt exactly fit with the classic styling of the scooter, but it offers the best medium to enjoy the Vespa MIA connectivity system.

Keyless System

The 2023 model uses a wireless fob to start your engine and unlock the motorcycle steering without touching the ignition.

It also has a bike finder feature that flashes the bikeÔÇÖs indicator lights to quickly find your ride in a crowded parking lot.

2023 Vespa GTS 300

(image source: press.piaggiogroup.com)

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

Having the ABS on each version of the Vespa is an excellent choice by Piaggio. It makes it safer for riders to make emergency stops when whizzing through other vehicles and pedestrians.

It works because each wheel has sensors that constantly track your speed and acceleration. And if you lose speed too quickly, the detection system will trigger the ABS to aid your brakes in providing adequate stopping power. 

ASR (Anti-slip Regulation)

The company was the first to introduce ABS and ASR technology in a scooter, and the electronic traction control tech can be a real lifesaver in the rain.

Even experienced riders who wonÔÇÖt make the mistake of cranking up the throttle on a wet road will rest┬ámore accessible because of its reassurance.┬á

It uses a system of sensors in a similar way to ABS tech. They track the rotation speed of your wheels, and if the rotation of one wheel becomes faster than the other, the ASR system will cut your bike's speed to prevent loss of control and slippage. 


The Vespa GTS 300 combines classic design with modern technology, making it a symbol of history, safety, comfort, and style. At £6000, it's a worthwhile investment for those who value quality and status.