The Best New Scooter Security System for the Honda X-ADV

The Honda X-ADV has established itself as one of the most successful and innovative scooters that the Japanese maker has released in recent years. The X-Adv crosses the boundary where scooter and motorcycle meet, carrying a hint of the African Twin, but in a package that's well suited for urban riding.

The idea for the X-ADV was first conceived on a small Greek Island after Daniele Lucchesi was unable to make it to the beach due to an offroad section on the route, for which his scooter was unprepared.

The experience led Daniele to wonder why there wasn't a scooter that could handle both urban and adventure riding, and so he set out to solve this problem.

The battle was uphill for Daniele, but the Italian engineer understood the market where scooters reign king. Over time he managed to win over many of the Italian engineers and designers at the Honda R&D Center in Rome, including the Italian Design Project Leader Maurizio Carbonara, who has previously designed the African Twin, which is why it shares many of the same styling cues and technology. It still took many meetings with the Japanese bosses, but the team finally convinced Honda to take a risk on Daniele's and Maurizio's SUV concept scooter, which ended up paying off big time for Honda.

X-ADV Scooter Theft

Unfortunately, the high market value and attractiveness of the X-ADV has made it a prime target for bike thieves all over Europe with the majority of the stolen scooters ending up being exported and resold in secondary markets.

The mission for us at EasyBock has always been to reduce scooter theft worldwide, with an emphasis on cities and helping courier riders who rely on their scooters for their livelihood. It was this mission that led us to develop a lock for our biggest scooter yet.

‘The highest rates were to be found in the Metropolitan and City of London, where one in every 12 bikes was reported stolen in 2018’. - Motorcycle Action Group (MAG).

With years of experience and thousands of customers, it was these community members that we first turned to, to provide feedback on our initial designs and concepts.

Radical Design

After all, the X-ADV is a very different scooter, it has spoked wheels which make it a pain when it comes to using a heavy-duty lock, and it lacks any mounting points on the swing-arm.

We had to devise a radical new approach to mounting the EasyBlock lock; we decided to integrate it directly onto the chain adjuster block and use the bolts on the disk brake rotor as the locking mechanism. To make this possible, we had to shrink the design of our lock so it wouldn't interfere with the handling of the bike.

We took the final design and tested it with our community to overwhelminglypositive feedback and are now excited to bring our revolutionary EasyBlock wheel locking device to new X-ADV riders and to further our mission to protect more scooters!

We believe this is the first attachable wheel locking device for the X-ADV and the first lock to mount directly to the chain adjuster block for any motorcycle or scooter.  Get your X-ADV EasyBlock Lock here and use promo code "COMMUNITY" for 10% off.