How to lubricate your EasyBlock

It's important to keep your EasyBlock scooter wheel-lock well lubricated and clean.

Riding in the UK means that your bike is exposed to many weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow. These conditions mean that debris and dirt from the road can start coating your lock, making its activation less smooth.

Greasing and cleaning your EasyBlock regularly ensures that it will always be performing at it's best.

Sounds like a hustle?

No worries we have got your back!

Each EasyBlock wheel-lock comes with an external grease nipple which makes its maintenance quick and easy.

What do you need?

  • couple of minute
  • grease gun
  • any multi-purpose grease cartridge

Don't have a pump?

You can pick on up on Amazon for £10 - here's the best selling one on Amazon

You can also ask your scooter mechanic to do it for you next time you visit them for a bike check-up. (or find your local mechanic here)

How to lubricate your EasyBlock lock

  1. Attach the tip of the grease gun to the lubrication nipple on your wheel-lock and press the handle of the gun to inject the grease into the system. 
  2. (There is no need to remove the lock from your bike)
  3. Repeat this 3-4 times until you see some of the old grease coming out of the system. 
  4. Now remove the pump and clean the surface of the lock with a wet cloth and a mild detergent. 
Now you're ready to hit the road with a safe and smooth EasyBlock!

    Remember to lubricate your wheel-lock every 1-3 months and clean it regularly during the wet season. (most of the time in the UK)