How to Secure Your Motorcycle When It’s Parked on the Street

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You know you will inevitably be doing lots of street parking almost daily since you just got a new motorcycle or scooter with the intention of using it for your daily commute or courier delivery. 

That led you to search the internet for expert advice on how to protect your bike and which motorcycle security system (portable locks, chains, alarms, and trackers) is the right option for you. 

Read on to discover why the best security plan includes all these systems and advice on which situations and circumstances to use each anti-theft lock.

7 Tips on Protecting a Motorcycle Parked on the Street to Prevent Theft

  1. Install an Easy-to-use Anti-theft System
  2. Always Park in a Well-Lit Location With Heavy Foot Traffic
  3. Chain Your Motorcycle to an Immoveable Object
  4. Use an Alarmed Disc Lock When You Can’t Carry a Chain
  5. Use Hardened Chains and a Ground Anchor for Overnight Street Parking
  6. Get a Motorcycle Cover
  7. Make Sure You Have a Tracker Installed

A combination of the strategies outlined below will help protect your bike at all times, including during quick stops to grab a bite at a restaurant or make a parcel delivery, extended stops while at work, and overnight parking.

1. Install an Easy-to-use Anti-theft System

EasyBlock on a motorcycle

For most riders, wasting precious minutes setting up a complex motorcycle security system every time they stop for a coffee can be a very annoying process.

Such a time-consuming process can be particularly costly for delivery riders who need to get parcels to customers at multiple locations within strict time constraints. 

Setting up a 20kg security chain and a disc lock at each stop just isn’t practical. And an expensive chain isn't of much use if you are not using it.

That’s why you need an anti-theft system that can be activated in seconds and unlocked just as quickly when you are ready to get going.

The EasyBlock wheel lock is just that kind of security system. It is pre-installed on your motorcycle, so you don’t have to set it up every time you make a stop. It is also designed specifically for your motorcycle model.

To activate it, you just need to press the knob with your foot. When you are ready to leave, insert your key to turn the knob, and you are good to go.

A simple, two-second process that is perfect for riders when they park around town.

What are the benefits of this type of motorcycle security?

  • It protects your bike from opportunistic thieves that tend to pounce when you are away from your bike in the city.
  • Its quick activation and deactivation make it perfect for courier riders that must make multiple stops daily.

When should you use this anti-bike-theft system?

Use it anytime you are away from home. You should go with a  super-convenient and resilient option like the EasyBlock wheel lock. Another option is the portable but more brittle croc lock.

2. Always Park in a Well-Lit Location With Heavy Foot Traffic

motorcycles parked

If you opt to park your ride in a dark alley where thieves have the time and privacy they need to have their way with your bike, they will inevitably figure out how to bypass your security measures.

Parking your motorcycle in plain view where there are lots of people passing by, changes the risk calculation for potential thieves. 

They will be worried about the intervention of fellow bikers, security guards, and the police. 

If you are visiting a quiet area without lots of foot traffic, try to find a parking lot with CCTV cameras. Be sure to park within the field of view of the CCTV.

Chances are that when most thieves spot your bike under the watchful eye of the security camera, they will turn their attention to a less protected target.

What are the benefits of this type of motorcycle security? 

  • The watchful eyes of passersby or neighbors will help deter opportunistic motorcycle thieves 
  • Witnesses can intervene if they see anyone suspicious around your parked bike

When is this tip relevant?

Always follow this advice to keep your motorcycle or scooter secure every time you are away from home.

3. Chain Your Motorcycle to an Immoveable Object

chain lock on a motorcycle

You won’t be setting up a chain lock when you are only making a short stop to buy coffee, but you are likely going to need one for security during working hours or when you are away from home for a social engagement.

If you are going to leave your motorcycle on the street for hours, then you must chain it to a rigid structure like a lamp post or a railing.

Heavy chains are more resilient, but it's difficult to haul one around town. Go for a lighter Sold Secure approved chain. 

Such locks can withstand brute force attacks for at least five minutes, enough time to convince a thief that a passerby may notice and raise an alarm. 

Make sure you loop your chain through your bike’s frame (the front wheel can be easily removed), don't leave any slack in it, and keep it off the floor. 

What are the benefits of this type of motorcycle security? 

  • It helps to protect your motorcycle from brute force attacks, while you are away from it for an extended period 
  • It makes it almost impossible for bike gangs to lift your scooter and steal it away in their van

When should you use this anti-bike-theft system?

You should use it together with your portable anti-theft lock as a secondary security system anytime you are away from your bike for longer periods. The more obstacles thieves have to defeat to steal your bike, the more likely they are to seek a softer target.

4. Use a Sound Alarm When You Can’t Carry a Chain

alarmed disc lock on a motorcycle

Unlike a security chain, it is portable and lightweight enough to fit under your seat. 

Once you use it to bolt your disc brake, no one will be able to move your bike without disabling the lock.

However, determined thieves can opt to simply pick up your bike and flee in a van. That’s why we recommend getting an alarmed disc. 

It will go off anytime someone attacks the bike, drawing the kind of attention that is the nightmare of bike thieves.

You should also probably get two disc locks. The alarmed one can be used on your front disc, while a smaller one will do just fine for the rear disc.

What are the benefits of this type of motorcycle security?

  • It is more portable and easier to set up than heavy security chains
  • The alarm serves as a guard dog that will always call your attention anytime someone gets too close to your property 

When should you use this anti-bike-theft system?

Use it anytime you plan to make an extended stop and it won’t be practical for you to be hauling a heavy chain around town. It can also be used along with a security chain.

5. Use Hardened Chains and a Ground Anchor for Overnight Street Parking

chain lock

This is relevant if you don’t have a garage and you are left with no other option than to park your bike outside in the communal parking lot or in your front garden.

A thief attacking at night will have more time, and more likely to be equipped with an angle grinder or bolt cutter for cutting through your security chain. 

Only hardened, 16mm+ chains stand a chance against these sorts of attacks. The chain will be combined with a ground anchor that is buried into the ground, which is filled with concrete. 

No thief will be able to lift your bike from the floor without spending way too much time cutting through the chain and attracting unwanted attention. 

What are the benefits of this type of motorcycle security? 

  • It provides a forbidding deterrent to bike thieves that want to use the cover of night to steal your ride
  • Even thieves that opt to cut through the heavy chain, can’t do so without making enough noise to wake people up

When should you use this anti-bike-theft system?

It's perfect for overnight protection, especially if you are using a Sold Secure Gold Standard chain. 

6. Get a Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle cover

It's basic but super effective. If you will be leaving your bike outside overnight, chain it securely and place a motorcycle cover over it to hide what’s underneath.

Skilled bike thieves tend to hunt for specific types of motorcycle brands and models, placing your bike undercover may just convince them to ignore it and move on to an alternative, less-protected target. 

Don’t forget to still set up your disc lock and security chain. Using a motorcycle cover alone to protect your machine is just asking for trouble.

What are the benefits of this type of motorcycle security? 

  • It forces bike thieves to turn their attention away from your bike towards targets that can be more easily assessed 
  • It also protects your bike from weather elements 

When should you use this anti-bike-theft system?

A bike cover should be used anytime your bike is parked outside your home overnight or for hours during the day outside your field of view. 

7. Make Sure You Have a Tracker Installed

motorcycle GPS tracker

There is always that possibility that even after implementing all the aforementioned security strategies, your bike may still get stolen.

A GPS tracker will alert you if such a thing ever happens, and help you monitor the movement of your ride in real time. 

You can then use that information to point the police to the precise location of your machine.  

These trackers are often easy to install and can be monitored from your mobile device. Just make sure it is placed in a discreet location on your bike.

What are the benefits of this type of motorcycle security?

  • It alerts you if your bike is moved without your permission
  • It will help you quickly trace the location of your stolen bike before it is sold off or dismantled for spare parts

When should you use this anti-bike-theft system?

It is an essential security feature that every bike owner should install on their ride. The fact that it drastically increases the chances that your bike will be recovered makes it a must-have.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are making a short stop mid-ride, or leaving your bike when out and about in the city, this article has shown you the best way to protect your machine.

We will round up with a strong recommendation that you ensure your bike is fully insured to protect yourself in the event a determined thief manages to get through all the security measures covered in this article. 

If you're interested to learn more about protecting your motorcycle and preventing theft, visit our blog to check out the latest articles.