Keeping your Honda Africa Twin secure with EasyBlock

Have you just purchased a brand new Honda Africa Twin and now live in constant fear that it might be stolen?


You are not alone! Sadly, due to its high price tag and market demand on the secondary market, the iconic Africa Twin has become a prime target for bike thieves across Europe and Worldwide. We often read stories of bikes being stolen even during quick stops at gas stations or while parked outside overnight.

Unfortunately, increasingly aggressive and organised thieves make motorcycle security a prime concern for any biker. 

However, you can make their life harder and fight back by making your motorcycle as secure as possible. Remember, bike thieves will prefer an easy target over a well-guarded bike. 

Keep reading our article and discover how EasyBlock anti-theft wheel lock for Africa Twin can help you protect your bike every time you park. 

The Africa Twin Market 

Thirty years after its launch, this legendary adventure bike still fascinates hard-core adventure and weekend riders. 

Honda has sold more than 87,000 units of this model worldwide since its relaunch in 2016, and the latest model is gaining even more attention with its aggressive design and compact style coupled with an even sharper off-road focus. The versatility and easy handling for its category makes it a favourite among both adventure and urban riders. 

Africa Twin 2022 Side Shot

Africa Twin thefts 

Unfortunately, its high price tag and the growing demand for spare parts make it a sought-after model for any motorcycle thief. 

These motorcycles are often broken for parts and sold online by organised networks, which continues to be a growing trend given current global supply chain issues when finding brand new parts is very challenging.

Another common scenario is that the motorcycle is shipped abroad via land or sea and resold in a different market shortly after being stolen. 

Some technical difficulties

As an experienced biker knows, the more, the better when it comes to motorcycle security: Alarm, GPS Tracker, and some type of mechanical anti-theft device are a must. 

However, some of the main features that make the Honda Africa Twin 1100cc so sexy can become a problem when protecting it, especially on the go. 

Wire-Spoked Wheels 

Honda Africa Twin Spoke Wheel Chain

This iconic element that allows the Africa Twin to cope with the most challenging road and off-road conditions can become quite a pain when using a heavy-duty chain. 

If you own an Africa Twin, you will surely be familiar with the irritating feeling of trying to put a chain through the wheel's spokes. 

No Under Seat Storage

Most large motorcycles don't have any under-seat or built-in storage space, making it a bit complex to carry a chain or a D-lock with you. You could use some of your top box space up, but that isn't always an option, especially if you don't have one. 

How can EasyBlock help you?

EasyBlock is the motorcycle lock fitted directly to your bike.

Quick to activate with a simple turn of a key, it allows you to protect your motorcycle even during the shortest stops. 

How many times have you left your Africa Twin unprotected because you were in a rush or had just to run a quick errand? 

With EasyBlock, you won't have to choose between security and convenience. 

Our Italian-made wheel-lock for the Africa Twin replaces the chain adjustment block, and it stays there, meaning you won't have to carry a padlock with you when going for a Sunday ride. 

Honda Africa Twin EasyBlock Wheel Lock

Its minimal design does not interfere with the bike's aesthetic and doesn't affect the driving experience. The installation of the EasyBlock does not require any tampering with the original parts of the bike. 

The EasyBlock is so easy and quick to use that you won't have any excuses to leave your bike unprotected. Get your Africa Twin EasyBlock now.

We're always here to help, so contact us here anytime if you have any questions.

Stay Safe!

Antonio Cervo

EasyBlock CEO