Top 10 Honda Hornet 750 Accessories (Updated for 2024)

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The Honda Hornet 750 is easy to manage, fun to ride, and more affordable than its closest rivals. It is a great package out of the factory, but if you want to add a few improvements and keep it safe from bike thieves, then you must check out our list of accessories below. 

1. Best Security Devices for Honda Hornet 750

You need a combination of different types of motorcycle security locks to protect your Hornet 750 on the go and during prolonged stops or overnight. 

Portable Lock 

Its ease of activation and deactivation makes it perfect for those quick stops you make multiple times daily to grab a coffee or run a quick errand. 

Best Overall

EasyBlock Wheel Lock

EasyBlock Wheel Lock

  • Bike specific design
  • Easy to install
  • Fitted permanently to your bike
  • Activates with a simple key twist and push
  • Deactivates with a simple key twist 


You should check out our article explaining why you need a comprehensive approach that combines smart decision-making and quality security devices to protect your bike when parked on the street

Disc Lock

It shackles your disc brake when installed to help ensure your motorcycle can’t be moved from its parking spot. 

Best Overall 


Oxford Alpha XA14 Alarm Disc Lock
Oxford Alpha XA14 Alarm Disc Lock

Oxford Alpha XA14 Alarm Disc Lock 

Milenco Composite Disc Lock

  • 110db alarm
  • 14mm locking pin
  • Key replacement service 
  • Sold Secure Gold rating 
  • 14mm locking pin
  • Pick proof lock
  • Sold Secure Gold rating



Security Chain

Motorcycle security chains offer a formidable obstacle to thieves when used in combination with your portable lock, and are perfect for protecting your bike overnight and during prolonged stops.

Best Overall


Milenco Coleraine 9mm Chain Lock ABUS 8900 Chain Lock

Milenco Coleraine 9mm Chain Lock 

ABUS 8900 Chain Lock 

  • Hardened Chrome-moly steel construction 
  • 9mm link chain 
  • Protective sleeve 
  • Plastic cover 
  • 3 keys 
  • Impact-resistant steel construction 
  • 8mm chain link
  • Anti-pick lock 
  • Fabric protection
  • 2 coded keys 



Motorcycle Cover

It shields your motorcycle from dust and rain and also hides it from the eyes of prowling opportunistic motorcycle theft gangs

Best Overall


R&G Superbike Outdoor Cover VOYVOX Motorcycle Cover

R&G Superbike Outdoor Cover

VOYVOX Motorcycle Cover 

  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • reflective material 
  • Elasticated rim 
  • Belly straps 
  • Chain loops 
  • Waterproof and dustproof 
  • Reflective material 
  • Anti-theft lock 



2. Best Windshields for Honda Hornet 750

The Hornet 750 doesn’t come with any windscreen from the factory, and you may want to get an aftermarket option to protect yourself from windblast. 

Touring Windshield

It is the tallest windscreen option, and it offers maximum protection from wind pressure. 

Best Overall 


Puig Touring Windshield MRA Touring Windshield

Puig Touring Windshield 

MRA Touring Windshield 

  • 3mm thick acrylic material 
  • 444mm tall
  • 43% aerodynamic improvement 
  • Available in 5 colours 
  • 325mm tall 
  • Available in 3 colours 



Sports Windshield

It helps to make your bike more aerodynamic by allocating the wind pressure optimally in all directions. 

Best Overall 


Puig Sports Windshield MRA Sports Screen

Puig Sports Windshield 

MRA Sports Screen 

  • 3mm thick methacrylate material
  • 268mm tall 
  • 10% aerodynamic improvement 
  • Available in six colours 
  • 250mm tall
  • Available in 3 colours 



3. Best Fairings for Honda Hornet 750 

Fairings are shell-like panels that help make your Hornet 750 more aerodynamic. They also help shield your body from windblasts. 

Front Fairing

It is positioned on both sides of the headlights, and apart from its aerodynamic work, which involves it redirecting the air coming towards your radiator to provide more downforce,  it also makes your motorcycle look more sporty.

Best Overall

Puig Front Spoilers

Puig Front Spoilers 

  • 3mm thick black ABS material 
  • Adds 2kg of downforce 
  • Anti-shimmie effect
  • 460mm wide
  • 205mm tall


Side Deflector

It is positioned on both sides of your bike’s frame, and it helps divert the airflow to keep your legs warm. It also improves the stability and cornering ability of your motorcycle. 

Best Overall
Puig Downforce Side Spoiler

Puig Downforce Side Spoiler 

  • 4mm thick acrylic material 
  • Diverts 1.3kg of air pressure 
  • Anti-wheelie effect
  • 255mm wide
  • 220mm high 


Seat Cowl

It is to be fitted over your pillion seat to convert your bike into a single-seater, and it helps add a more aerodynamic profile to your Hornet 750.

Best Overall 


Honda Hornet CB750 Seat Cowl Puig Rear Seat Cowl

Honda Hornet CB750 Seat Cowl 

Puig Rear Seat Cowl 

  • OEM fit
  • Comfort pad added
  • Available in red
  • Easy to fit
  • Available in Matte black and carbon looks  



4. Best Crash Bars for Honda Hornet 750

They are steel pipes and pads that help protect the bodywork and sensitive areas of your motorcycle from the impact of a crash.

Crash Bar

It is usually made of steel, and it helps protect the engine area of your motorcycle. 

Best Overall 



SW-MOTECH Crash Bar 


  • 22mm steel pipe 
  • East to fit 
  • High-quality chrome pipe
  • Easy to fit 



5. Best Exhaust Systems for Honda Hornet 750

An after-market high-performance exhaust system can significantly improve the power and sound of your motorcycle.

Best Overall 


Honda Hornet 750 SC-Project SC-1R Muffler Akrapovic Slip-on 2-1

Honda Hornet 750 SC-Project SC-1R Muffler 

Akrapovic Slip-on 2-1

  • Recommended by manufacturer 
  • +1.4 hp
  • +2.2 Nm at 5000rpm
  • -1.4kg
  • Titanium design with carbon end cap
  • Euro 5 complaint 
  • Slip-on fit 
  • +0.7hp
  • +0.6 Nm at 5300rpm
  • -1.8kg
  • Stainless steel design with titanium end cap
  • Carbon fibre outer sleeve 
  • Euro 5 complaint 
  • Slip-on fit  



6. Best Seats for Honda Hornet 750

The factory seat on the Hornet 750 is top quality, but you may opt for something else if you want a custom look. 

Best Overall 
Honda Hornet 750 Sports Seat

Honda Hornet 750 Sports Seat 

  • OEM fit 
  • Leather material 
  • Two-tone grey and black colour 
  • Red double stitched 


7. Best Seat Covers for Honda Hornet 750 

It protects your saddle from wear and tear, and water damage. A custom seat cover will also help give your bike a unique appearance.

Best Overall 


Tappezzeria Italia Seat Cover Top Sellerie Custom Deluxe Seat Cover

Tappezzeria Italia Seat Cover 

Top Sellerie Custom Deluxe Seat Cover 

  • Available in 4 models
  • Waterproof
  • No-slip fabric 
  • Double-stitched  
  • Made to order
  • Leather material 
  • Optional get insert 

Starts from £198.80


8. Best Storage Options for Honda Hornet 750

Adding a top box or panniers to your bike will give you more than enough storage space for your helmets and other luggage.

Top Box

It is to be fitted to your rear carriage, and it adds several litres of space—enough for two helmets.

Best Overall 


Givi Trekker 46 Dolomiti Top Box SW-MOTECH Urban ABS Top Case System

Givi Trekker 46 Dolomiti Top Box

SW-MOTECH Urban ABS Top Case System

  • 46 Ltr capacity 
  • Aluminium finish
  • Security lock 
  • Four nylon loops
  • Waterproof inner bag included 
  • Requires Givi Top Case Carrier  
  • 29 ltr capacity 
  • Quick release fastener 
  • Anti-theft lock 
  • Waterproof inner bag included 
  • DHV Street Rack included 



Side Panniers

It is to be fitted to both sides of your rear seat, and it adds additional space for the cargo you need during long trips.

Best Overall 


Honda Hornet 750 Pannier Set SW-MOTECH ABS Side Case System

Honda Hornet 750 Pannier Set

SW-MOTECH ABS Side Case System 

  • OEM fit
  • 16.5 ltr capacity 
  • Waterproof inner bags included
  • Quick release fastener
  • 16.5 ltr capacity 
  • Anti-theft lock 
  • Mounting material included 



9. Best Phone Mounts for Honda Hornet 750 

It gives you a convenient stand for your phone when it’s being used for GPS navigation.

Best Overall


SW-MOTECH Universal GPS Mount

SW-MOTECH Universal GPS Mount 

Puig Support Phone Holder 

  • Adjustable 
  • Waterproof phone pouch 
  • Sun visor 
  • Adjustable
  • Anti-vibration 



10. Best Heated Hand Grips for Honda Hornet 750

It helps to ensure your digits don’t go numb whenever you are riding in chilly weather. 

Best Overall

Honda Hornet 750 Heated Grips

Honda Hornet 750 Heated Grips 

  • OEM fit
  • 5 heating levels 
  • Integrated with the bike’s TFT screen 


Wrapping Up

This article has covered the security devices you need to protect your bike and the full range of accessories available to help you personalize it. Now, it's time to check out each link and purchase the gear that meets your needs and preferences.