How can EasyBlock help you protect your Honda X-ADV 750?

Have you just purchased a brand new Honda XADV and now live in constant fear that it might be stolen?

Unfortunately, you are not alone!

In fact, due to its high price tag and market demand on the secondary market, the king of maxi scooters has become a prime target for bike thieves across Europe and Worldwide.

We often read stories of bikes being stolen even during quick stops at gas stations or while parked outside overnight.

However, we can make motorcycles’ thieves lifes harder and fight back by making our motorcycle as secure as possible. Remember, bike thieves will prefer an easy target over a well-guarded bike.

Keep readying our article to discover how EasyBlock can help you protect your Honda Xadv 750

Honda XADV Thefts: Where do stolen motorcycles go?

-Attempted theft of an Honda XADV in London, protected by EasyBlock-

Why do motorcycle thieves love the Honda XADV?

Its high price tag and the growing demand for spare parts make it a really sought-after model for any motorcycle thief.

Organised criminal networks often break these motorcycles into parts that are then sold oline.

This continues to be a growing trend given current global supply chain issues that are making finding brand new parts very challenging.
Another common scenario is that the motorcycle is shipped abroad via land or sea and resold in a different market shortly after being stolen.

International motorcycle thefts’ rings will usually deliver stolen bikes from UK and Europe to less developed countries in Eastern Europe or North Africa where the bikes are then resold as legitimate vehicles. 
In other cases stolen bikes are then used as vehicles to commit further crimes such as mugging or stealing other motorcycles. 


As an experienced biker knows, the more, the better when it comes to motorcycle security: Alarm, GPS Tracker, and some type of mechanical anti-theft device are a must.

However, some of the main features that make the Honda XADV so sexy can become a problem when trying to protect it, especially on the go. 


Pretty handy for the rider, the keyless ignition feature of the XADV can become a real nightmare when it comes to security.

In fact is no secret that keyless bikes are easier to steal.

Thieves will use an electronic device to intercept and clone the fob’s signal and then use it to start the vehicle.

In this circumstance a mechanical anti-theft will be an effective deterrent and will most likely save our motorcycle.


This iconic element that gives the XADV that off-road vibe can become quite a pain when using a heavy-duty chain.

If you own an Honda XADV 750, you will surely be familiar with the irritating feeling of trying to put a chain through the wheel's spokes. 

How can EasyBlock help to keep your XADV safe?

EasyBlock is the motorcycle lock fitted directly to your bike.

Quick to activate with a simple turn of a key, it allows you to protect your motorcycle even during the shortest stops. 

How many times have you left your XADV unprotected because you were in a rush or had just to run a quick errand? 

With EasyBlock, you won't have to choose between security and convenience. 
Our Italian-made wheel lock for XADV 750 replaces the chain adjustment block, and it stays there, meaning you won't have to carry a padlock with you when going for a Sunday ride. 

Never leave your loved bike unprotected again, get an EasyBlock for XADV 750