Honda Forza 300-Best Motorcycle Lock
Honda Forza 300-Best Motorcycle Lock-Back Photo
Honda Forza 300-Best Motorcycle Lock-Extra Bits
Honda Forza 300-Scooter Lock-EasyBlock
Honda Forza 300-Scooter Lock-EasyBlock
Honda Forza 300-Scooter Lock-EasyBlock

Honda FORZA 300

Preço normal£189.99

Este produto servirá nos modelos Honda FORZA 300 produzidos a partir do ano de 2015.

  • Reduces motorcycle theft by up to 90% in cities.

  • Easy to use and fitted to your bike so you can keep your motorcycle secure whenever you stop. 

  • A unique design for each motorcycle model to provide the highest security and quality fitment.

  • High-Security and anti-pick lock cylinder developed by us.

  • Proudly Made in Italy using precision engineering.

You can also visiting out installation page for a complete list of all fitment videos.

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Fast, Simple & Secure

Kick-Activated Locking

Effortless Security

Experience peace of mind with EasyBlock's high-security features, designed to deter theft attempts.

Quick Lock & Unlock

Lock and unlock your Scooter with ease, thanks to EasyBlock's user-friendly design.


Choose EasyBlock for daily use and frequent locking, offering a seamless, hassle-free experience

Wheel Lock

Secure your Scooter with EasyBlock's steel bolt, designed to immobilize the rear wheel and prevent unauthorized movement.

Kick-Activated Locking

Activate EasyBlock's locking mechanism with a simple kick, making it an effortless solution for quick and secure protection.

Quality & Durability

Trust in EasyBlock's robust construction and premium materials for long-lasting performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Even if you remove all of the external nuts, Once the lock is activated, removing the pin is impossible without using the key.

The external bolts are only used for alignment and for the grease nipple.

No. EasyBlock locks are designed to be easy to install, but tough to remove on the road. Each lock features different security features to prevent the the removal of the lock.

For models that are more accessible to tools, we use security bolts, where the top of the bolt comes off after tightening, meaning the bolt cannot be removed.

For others models there are additional hidden security hex bolts that prevent the lock from being removed even if the bolts are.

No. EasyBlock is designed to provide the highest level of safety and security for riders.

The kick-activated EasyBlock features a loaded security spring that constantly pushes the lock outwards. You must apply strong pressure at the right angle with your foot to activate your EasyBlock.

The EasyBlock is designed to be compact and fits within the scooter's body, which means the EasyBlock won't touch the ground even if the bike is involved in a road accident.

Depending on the weather conditions and how many miles you ride per year, we recommend lubricating and/or cleaning your lock every 1-3 Months. (Probably as often as your motorcycle needs cleaning or your chain lubricated)

Every EasyBlock features a grease nipple that allows easy maintenance, but when the lock is especially dirty, we recommend removing the bolt and giving it a proper clean.

The video installation for each model can be found in the "Fitting Video" tab at the top of the page, the video hero at the bottom of this page or you can visit our Installation page to see the full list of installation videos by model and brand.

If you're looking for an official dealer to fit you're EasyBlock, you can visit our Dealer Locator page to find your closest one. Alternatively, any motorcycle garage or dealer should be able to carry out the installation for you if none are close by.

Yes, if you have the experience and tools required, you can install the lock yourself, but we strongly recommend getting your EasyBlock fitted by a qualified technician to guarantee the correct fitment. (This can be your local garage or an Authorised EasyBlock Dealer)

You can view our full range of installation videos for each model here, or you can scroll to the bottom of this page to find the installation video for this model.

Made for your
Honda FORZA 300

Every EasyBlock is engineered for a specific Scooter model.

This allows us to ensure the highest security and quality fitment for every model.

The Top Choice for
Couriers & commuters

The best-selling lock for courier & commuters, providing quick and easy security even on the shortest jobs.

Our wheel locks will give you peace of mind keeping your motorbike secure at every stop.

Superior Quality

All EasyBlock Scooter locks are engineered and made in Italy 🇮🇹 using the highest quality materials to give you a superior product.

Our engineers manually assemble and quality check each easyblock to ensure it meets our superior quality standards.

Easy to fit

Tough to Remove

Our Scooter security system can be fitted directly to your FORZA 300 in minutes. Once installed, you'll won’t have to worry about it again.

View the FORZA 300 Fitting Video