Motorcycle Security: Essential Tips Every New Rider Should Know

As riders, we all know the importance of staying safe on the roads. But what about when we're not riding?

Motorcycle theft is a real threat, and it's important to take steps to protect your bike when it's parked. In partnership with Universal Motorcycle Training, London's premier motorcycle training institution, we've put together a new rider's guide to motorcycle security.

The Importance of Motorcycle Security

Motorcycle theft can happen anywhere and at any time. Thieves can steal a bike in just a few seconds, and many riders are unprepared to protect their bikes against theft. A multi-layered approach to motorcycle security can deter thieves and keep your bike safe.

Maximising Motorcycle Security: A Proactive and Layered Approach

No single security measure is foolproof. However, by adopting a proactive and layered approach to motorcycle security, you can significantly decrease the chances of theft. The more layers of security, the better. Here are some essential security tools for every new rider:

1. Disc Locks, Chains, and Padlocks

Motorcycle disc lock

Disc locks, chains, and padlocks are fundamental tools for any rider. Their effectiveness isn't in merely owning them but in using them consistently. These devices make it difficult for thieves to steal your bike. When choosing a chain or lock, make sure it's strong and durable.

2. Alarm Systems and Trackers

Motorcycle tracker

(credit: monimoto)

Alarm systems and trackers not only deter potential thieves but also aid in tracking your motorcycle if it's stolen. These devices are especially useful if your bike is parked in a high-risk area. Make sure to choose an alarm or tracker that's reliable and easy to use.

3. Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle cover

An often-underestimated security asset, a motorcycle cover can obscure your bike's make or model, making it less enticing for thieves who are targeting specific parts or bikes. Use dark-coloured covers and ensure your bike is discreetly parked. This will make it less visible to potential thieves.

4. EasyBlock

EasyBlock Wheel Lock

EasyBlock wheel lock is a practical security device that is both efficient and user-friendly. It is always mounted on the bike, allowing for quick locking and unlocking of your motorcycle and ensuring its safety whenever you stop.

Layered Security: Making It Harder for Thieves to Steal Your Bike

The main focus of security devices is to make theft difficult. While no product is invulnerable, if thieves have time and tools, they can breach almost any single device. By layering your security mechanisms, you make it much more difficult for thieves to steal your bike.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, when it comes to motorcycle security, more is indeed better. Chain it, lock it using EasyBlock and other security devices, cover it and have backup devices like alarms and trackers.

By adopting a proactive and layered approach to motorcycle security, you can greatly decrease the chances of theft and keep your bike safe.

For more tips on motorcycle protection and riding safely, check out the Universal Motorcycle Training blog and our blog at EasyBlock. Staying informed can ensure a safer motorcycle ride.